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Coach OutlineCreative Coaching Academy: Level 1 Diploma In Creative Soccer Coaching

Level 1

Time3 Hours
Level 1 Diploma In Creative Soccer Coaching
The aim of the workshop is to provide coaches with an understanding of Creative Soccer Coaching, how it differs from other forms of soccer coaching and how it helps develop creative players, supplement and fit into the method of coaching you are currently doing. The stimulating 3 hour workshop shows how Creative Soccer Coaching forms the foundation of many other small sided forms of the game such as Futsal, 5-a-side, 7 v 7, 9 v 9 games and ultimately and most importantly the 11 a side game. We will explain the philosophy that underpins the methods; how we coach the person first, and the player second. Coaches will learn how to deliver sessions that’s develops physical intelligence, movement ability, perception, awareness and decision making abilities in players. We will explain the components of Creative Soccer coaching, how sessions are designed and structured to maximize learning. This will allow coaches to understand how to develop creativity in players.

Creative Soccer Coaching (Level 1)

Are specifically designed to enhance creativity. – a unique feature in coach education today.
Applicable to soccer coaches at all levels (from grassroots to professionals)

• Based on a 3v3 form of soccer
• Engaging for youngsters.
• Allows players to develop in their own way & develop their own style.
• It is a fresh, modern, creative and holistic form of soccer.
• Based on developing a high level of technical excellence.
• Focused on developing thinking players

Creative Soccer Coaching includes:

• What is Creative Soccer Coaching?
• Coaching vs Learning (Are players actually learning from our coaching?)
• How do we nurture and foster creativity?
• How does the environment enhance learning?
• Problem solving games and the power of Play
• The S.T.A.R.T.S Warm up (switching players on physically, emotionally and mentally)
• Delivering a session
• Skill development, Decision making and Problem Solving

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