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Coach OutlineCreative Coaching Academy: Level 2 Diploma In Creative Soccer Coaching

Level 2

Time8 x 2 Hour Modules
Level 2 Diploma In Creative Soccer Coaching

The aim of the Level 2 course, through its 8 modules, is to provide coaches with the tools, skills and knowledge to coach a more creative players that can solve problems to unpredictable situations. This highly practical, interactive, challenging and stimulating course helps coaches to understand how to coach creative players for all formats of the beautiful game. We explain how players learn and how we can adapt our coaching style to maximize their learning. Coaches will learn how to develop physical intelligence, perception, movement vocabulary, awareness and decision making abilities in players. We look in detail at how coaches can create an optimal learning environment which is engaging and exciting for players. The course also examines how creativity is nurtured through coaching (and how many coaches also quash it!). We look at the role of deliberate play and how it impacts on performance, learning and how to nurture creativity. Coaches will learn how to design and structure coaching session, how to deliver the STARTS warm up, problem solving games and Skill Development.

At the end of the course coaches will have a range of tools that will significantly improve them as a coach in terms of developing creative players and will have a desire to implement a range of these psychological, philosophical and practical elements into their sessions as soon as possible. A select few may wish to progress to Level 3 to become a coach educator and perhaps develop a living out of being a Creative Soccer Coach.

We look at:
The Learning Process
How humans learn
Coaching vs Learning
How we tend to teach and coach, traditionally.
Beyond player development – coach the person
How we can adapt coaching to enhance learning.
Create an Optimal Learning Environment
The key ingredients that help create an optimal learning environment.
Ways to recognize how deeply players are learning.
Recognizing the uniqueness of the individual.
Discovery: No pre-conceived answers = infinite possibilities.
The differences between various coaching methods and their impact on learning.
The power of intrinsic motivation.
How to create an optimal learning environment within coaching sessions.
Nurturing Creativity
What creativity is and how it differs from skill and technique
How we can use Games to enhance creativity
The importance of uncertainty, chaos & ‘not knowing’.
Courage to create and embrace mistakes.
The key ingredients for creativity and how to incorporate these within coaching.
Flow of a Session
How to structure a coaching session
How to deliver a coaching session, from beginning to end
How to deliver a coaching session to enhance learning
Practical examples of coaching sessions
The STARTS Warm Up
The requirements of a comprehensive and holistic preparation routine for soccer
What should a warm up do? T
he holistic needs of soccer
What does STARTS stand for?
How to deliver a STARTS Warm Up
Problem Solving Games
The reason for using Problem Solving Games in soccer
Isolated Training VS Constraints Led
Rationale for chaos & uncertainty – application to 11v11
Practical examples of PSG and their function
A range of different PSG that are used within coaching sessions
The skills and abilities that PSG develop in players.
Skill Development
The relationship between skill, ball control & body control
How to develop visual and physical intelligence, including vision, perception, balance, co-ordination, body awareness and ‘feel’
A variety of coaching methods that aim to develop skill including 1 v 1 games and ‘Ground’ moves
Developing skill that helps decision making in players
Isolated Training VS Constraints Led
Natural vs Manufactured Skill
Coaching Philosophy
How we coach soccer, including the use of questioning techniques and sensory learning methods
The use of Socratic questioning
Using the PLAN – DO – REVIEW method
Incorporating the five Cs in your coaching (Curiosity, Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity)
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