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Coach OutlineCreative Coaching Academy: Level 3 Diploma In Creative Soccer Coaching

Level 3

Time6 Months
Level 3 Diploma In Creative Soccer Coaching

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The aim of the Level 3 is to advance a coach’s knowledge and skills in creative coaching. It is a challenging course, delivered over a 6 month period. During the course, coaches will deepen their knowledge of Creative Coaching techniques. We extend the understanding of sensory learning and the questioning techniques that underpin Creative Soccer Coaching. The course examines how individual learning styles impact on learning and how to apply this knowledge to coaching. They will learn an array of new practices and games to use in their own sessions, as well as extending their knowledge on how to enhance creativity, performance and learning in players.

Coaches that successfully complete Level 3 will be qualified to tutor the Level 1 Award. Therefore, during the Level 3, coaches will be given the knowledge, skills and practical tools required to tutor a Level 1 course. We examine the role of the tutor in detail, and the ingredients required to be a successful coach educator.

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