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Coach OutlineCreative Coaching Academy: Level 4 Diploma In Creative Soccer Coaching

Level 4

Time1 Year
Level 4 Diploma In Creative Soccer Coaching

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The aim of the Level 4 is to help coaches to master creative coaching and become a leader in the field.

The Level 4 is a highly challenging award, delivered over the course of a year. It provides coaches with an opportunity to deepen and extend their knowledge of Creative Coaching. Coaches will share advanced practices, including warm up and preparation, skills development and games. There will be a deliberate focus on critical advancement. In addition, coaches will be introduced to many philosophies, methods that underpin creative coaching, as well as areas such as sport psychology.

Those who successfully complete the Level 4 will be qualified to tutor the Creative Soccer Coaching Level 2 Award. Therefore, the Level 4 devotes a considerable focus to tutorship of the Level 2. Coaches will be given the knowledge, skills and understanding to successfully and authentically deliver their own Level 2 courses. We examine the role and demands of tutors, from registration to final assessment of the award in order to fully equip coaches to become respected coach educators.

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